Core Java Basics Topics
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Java basics
Start from an introduction to java and java basics
1. Introduction to Java
2. Java Virtual Machine(JVM) Basics
3. First Java Program
4. Variables in Java
5. Java Data Types
6. Java Operators
7. If-else in Java
8. Switch-Case in Java
9. Java For loop
10. Java While loop
11. do-while loop in Java
12. Java Continue statement
13. Java Break statement

Java OOPs Topics
14. Constructor in Java
15. Static keyword in Java
16. Java Inheritance with example
17. Types of inheritance in Java
18. Aggregation in Java
19. Association in Java
20. Super Keyword in Java
21. Method overloading in Java
22. Method overriding in Java
23. Java – Method Overloading vs Method Overriding
24. Polymorphism in Java
25. Types of polymorphism in Java
26. Static and dynamic binding
27. Abstract class in Java
28. Java Abstract method with example
29. Interface in Java
30. Java – Abstract class vs interface
31. Java Encapsulation with example
32. Java Packages with examples
33. Access modifiers in Java
33. Garbage Collection in Java
34. final keyword

Java Exception Handling Topics
35. Java Exception handling
36. Java try-catch block
37. Java finally block
38. How to throw exception in Java
39. Custom Exception in Java

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