Qus:    What is object-oriented paradigm?
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VAMSI Feb 12, 2021 08:59
Answer:   It is a programming paradigm based on objects having data and methods defined in the class to which it belongs. Object-oriented paradigm aims to incorporate the advantages of modularity and reusability. Objects are the instances of classes which interacts with one another to design applications and programs. There are the following features of the object-oriented paradigm.
o Follows the bottom-up approach in program design.
o Focus on data with methods to operate upon the object's data
o Includes the concept like Encapsulation and abstraction which hides the complexities from the user and show only functionality.
o Implements the real-time approach like inheritance, abstraction, etc.
o The examples of the object-oriented paradigm are C++, Simula, Smalltalk, Python, C#, etc.

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