Qus:    For Instance, a Hotel management system can be termed as a software, an app, and also an Information system. Why so many names for just one thing? The concept of a software, and an Information system, there's no difference here, just the names?
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SANJAY Apr 21, 2021 09:22
Answer:   There is a difference.
As an information system, hotel management includes the following:
1. The design of data collection forms, some of which will be on paper. For example, the check-in book.
2. Clerical procedures. For example, does someone enter data from the check-in book into a computer? This is a person, doing something.
3. Training of personnel. Who trains who to do what and when?
4. Documentation. Are procedures written down - for example, how cash is handled? Finance auditors will be concerned if nothing is documented and forms are not signed.
And so on.
Software is just one part of this - probably the easy part.

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